1196 Franklin Rd, Amboy, IL 61310

About Us

What We’re All About

The Lee County 4-H Center & Fairgrounds is managed by a volunteer board of directors. The Lee County Fair Association takes great pride in providing the community with a safe, quality environment in which to host special events like company picnics, receptions, fundraisers, youth events and more. Please contact a member of the board of directors with any suggestions or questions. 

Board of Directors

Bob Becker
Joe Becker
Karen Becker, Jr. Show Manager
Alex Cheeseman
Lindsay Daniels
Stacy Dunphy
Tom Gorman
Wende Griffith
Amie Case
Adam Henkel, President

Abbey Kelly
Tyler Klein
Riley Klein
Mike Mead
Andy Pratt, Treasurer
Katie Pratt, Secretary, Registrar
Molly Biggs
Josie Willett
Skip Willett, Vice President
Aaron Wolf