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The Lee County 4-H Center & Fairgrounds is managed by a volunteer board of directors. The Lee County Fair Association takes great pride in providing the community with a safe, quality environment in which to host special events like company picnics, receptions, fundraisers, youth events and more.

The Lee County 4-H Fair & Jr. Show is made possible through the efforts of many volunteers and generous businesses, organizations and individuals.  The Lee County Fair Association is appreciative to all those who feel the fair is a worthy cause in which to invest.

Please contact a member of the board of directors with any suggestions or questions. 

Board of Directors

Thank you to our Board of Directors who go above and beyond to present a great experience each year!

What is the Difference Between
the 4-H Show & the Jr. Shows

The Lee County 4-H Fair & Jr. Show is a joint effort by the University of Illinois Extension-Lee County and the Lee County Fair Association. The event is designed, first, to give Lee County 4-H members an opportunity to showcase their talents in a county fair environment and, second, to give Lee County residents and visitors a positive family fair experience.

So what makes the 4-H portion of the fair different from the Jr. Show portion? Here’s a

4-H Fair

Jr. Show

Even though the Lee County 4-H Fair & Jr. Show has been named as such and managed as such for years, people often ask, Why not refer to this event as the Lee County Fair?

The Lee County 4-H Fair & Jr. Show is not classified as a true county fair because members of
the Lee County Fair Association are not appointed by the county board and the group does not
receive any funds from the county. The decision to organize in this manner was made years
ago, when fair volunteers decided to make a go of it without involvement from a government

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