Pedal Pull

Time & Date

11:00am Sunday in the Show Barn
Register from 10:30-11:00am​

Entry Fee


Introducing National Pedal Pullers & Racers, sponsored by Paw Paw Lions Club. Offering the opportunity for ALL kids to pull! Teens welcome too!

Coordinators: Katie Pratt, Stacey Dunphy, Wende Griffith, Alex Cheeseman, Tyler Klein


  1. Shoes and socks required. NO SANDALS!
  2. Must meet age requirement in class.
  3. Only one pull per contestant. (may have one re-start if stopped before the 3 ft. line) May pull again if tied for placing.
  4. NO jerking of the sled.
  5. NO stopping for longer than 3 seconds.
  6. Must be ready when name is called.
  7. Track officials’ judgment is final.
  8. All tractors furnished.

Premiums Paid (All Classes):

  1. $5.00
  2. $4.00
  3. $3.00
  4. $2.00
  5. $1.00